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Exhibitor FAQ

When and where is LeadingAge Illinois 2018 Annual Meeting & Expo?
What is the standard booth size and how much does it cost?
What comes with my booth?
Can I view the Exhibit Hall floor plan to see what space is still available?
How do I reserve my booth?
How can I participate in the Hosted Buyer Program?
Where can I access the Exhibitor Services Manual and get answers to questions about fixtures, electricity, shipping, etc. for my booth?
What are the height restrictions for my booth?
Who is providing the exhibitor service for the expo and what is their contact info?
Can I sell merchandise directly out of my booth?
How do I order exhibitor badges?
What is the move-in/move-out and expo schedule?
Should I be getting any calls or emails from outside services for the expo?
I am interested in sponsorship opportunities, how do I get more information?
Can I offer consumable goods at my booth?
How do I order lead retrieval service?
Can I attend education sessions with my exhibitor badge?
What is the headquarter hotel?
Can I host a function during event hours?
How do I ship my product and supplies to the expo?
How do I update my company profile?
Does LeadingAge IL have other exhibit opportunities available?

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